Sanitary engineering

Sanitary Ice Box?

I have an old ice box....A Sanitary ..Fon du lac....It was used before electricity put a block of ice in the bottom of it and it keeps the food cold. It is not's some sort of wood. I would like to know what it is worth..

Take it to an antique dealer. The engineers here will have little use for it and you'll get better offers elsewhere.

Maybe try the historical section of on-line auction houses.


Rain didn’t damper the anything-goes spirit of the 14th Annual BaconFest at its new location at The Masquerade Music Park on March 29. SLIDESHOW on the right. The location may have changed, but BaconFest had its expected tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and mischievous fun to benefit Dad’s Garage Theatre Company. The game and entertainment booths at BaconFest included: Hobo Wine Tasting with the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club. Shut the Box. Boobies, M. D. Sanitary Smooches. Naughty Face Painting. Game On’s Video Game Truck. Fitness Battalion’s Fitness Challenge (winner got a treat, loser gets a carrot). Mary Todd Hair and Beard Stylings. Bone Lick BBQ Stand Up Comedy Booth. Kanga Blaster Booth. Palookaville Corndog Obstacle Course. The Wheel of Schatz. and the Turner Bike Face Off.

The Home Party

Offer Hostess Specials. You are going to want to plan out what you are going to offer your hostess in terms of this free and deeply discounted product we speak of. Pictured is a copy of the hostess plan that I use. I print these 4 up on a page and cut in quarters and pass them out at events, and place them in customer’s orders. Essentially I offer 20% back in free product...